The Treatment And Control Of Major Diseases

The treatment and control of the major diseases of yesteryear such as typhoid, smallpox, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, cholera and the like have pretty much been eradicated because of vaccinations. Other diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes have not shown improvement, except for the treatment with drugs that alleviate the symptoms.

Major Diseases

Many modern diseases are diet related, and we love to eat sugary desserts and snacks, which play a major role in many of these diseases. Major diseases have also had some new titles added to the ranks such as the Ebola virus and MRSA. The Ebola virus is a flesh eating disease that is very serious that gives the patient an extreme fever and violent hemorrhaging. The fatality rate for the Ebola ranges from fifty to ninety per cent.

MRSA, or Methicillin resistant staphylococcus is a bacterium that is resistant to just about every antibacterial medication known to mankind. It can be picked up in locker rooms, hospitals, on beaches and numerous places such as prisons and homeless shelters. The disease will flourish more readily in people whose immune systems are low.

Influenza, or the flu, is another of the major diseases that has not yet been totally eradicated. This is due to the fact that the flu is able to morph itself and present itself in many different strains and thus it is difficult to treat. Flu shots can introduce antibodies into the system, which can mitigate the severity of a flu outbreak, but as of yet it is still a very big problem in different parts of the world.

Tuberculosis has been nearly put out of commission in the United States due to aggressive vaccination over the past 70 years, but still flourishes in under-developed countries around the world.

HIV or AIDS is a disease that attacks and destroys the immune system of a person, which leaves the person vulnerable to any type of disease that can attack and kill the individual, since there is no immune system to prevent the attack. During the final stages of HIV, or AIDS, the prevalence of cancer and other fatal diseases occur.

Asthma is another of the major diseases that cause much discomfort and disability in the advanced stages. It is a disease of the lungs, which causes the airways to become inflamed throughout the lungs, causing breathing difficulty, coughing and wheezing. The airway restrictions can become so severe that it becomes life threatening. The condition can become so severe that hypersensitivity so pollen, cigarette smoke, dust, animal dander and pollution can cause major difficulties.

Cancer is still one of the most feared of the modern diseases. Interestingly enough, cancer was not the major problem 100 to 150 years ago, like it is today. One reason was, obviously, that people did not live as long then, so they did not have the chance to contract cancer later in life, like so many people do today. It is also though that much of the cancer we see today is the result of smoking, environmental factors, and the results of dietary insufficiencies as the result of processed foods. More information on this topic is available at major diseases website.

While there has been significant improvement childhood and adult leukemia cases, the overall cancer picture is still very unclear. Cancer still affects one out of three people in the world today, and is still a major cause of death throughout the world.

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